Concrete Water Storage Tanks Offer Golf Courses Many Advantages Vs. Open Tank Water Systems or Lagoons

 Click on any item on side bar and go directly to that page , LLC,, would like to announce its new line of specialty water storage tanks for golf courses. Precast Concrete Water Storage Tanks offer golf course owners and operators many advantages.

Its individualized gold course irrigation systems allow for the more elite golf courses to irrigate without lagoons or open tank systems which not only may compromise the natural beauty and integrity of the course, but may also present an environmental hazard.

wedotanks® offers engineering services for the construction of the water storage systems for private and public golf courses.  It has licenses to practice engineering in twelve states with applications for three additional states in process  and is NCEES registered also to practice engineering in specific countries.  We offer professional liability insurance for all our engineering projects.


Pests can take many forms, from insects who are attracted to stagnant water to birds which may use them as an attractive depository for their waste.

Further, lagoons have liners which need replacing every 5-10 years; this adds to the capital costs and construction expenses of building and maintaining a golf course.

Keep the beauty of your golf course at its best and decrease the chance for problematic golf course water contamination issues often caused by insect and bird problematic issues.

Incorporating concrete water tanks for golf courses allows your course to show off the most natural of its beauty, but the construction process of the wedotanks® golf course water storage tanks, through its precast product, is very fast, minimizing interruption of play by avoiding the use of costly, noisy and disruptive construction equipment during the water storage tank construction process.

Click here to see one of our tank systems in action:  Golf Coarse Irrigation

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Please contact®  through e-mail ( or through its toll-free number (866-374-8083). Wed® works directly with golf courses nationwide, has installations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, New York, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois,  North Carolina, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

wedotanks® offers engineering services for construction of water treatment, wastewater treatment and purification plants and other municipal and private infrastructure facilities.  We also do contracting, subcontracting, and design/build:  the choice depends on the preference of each individual client.