Besides furnishing a spectrum of wastewater and water services for private use, HTI Systems, LLC, has recently expanded its scope of services to provide a number of financing and ownership options.

Development plans include extensive layouts of cash which may cause a particular project to be more leveraged than you like. Whatever the choice, we are certain we have a plan that can fit your needs for your Wastewater Treatment or Potable Water Storage.

Our WWTP's for developments are pre-engineered, there is no need to redesign a WWTP every time a new development goes in, and only the number of population equivalents of people using the system will change. Our precast panels provide for a modular construction system, which can be easily adapted to whatever configuration of WWTP is required, and allows for easy expansion in the future as the development grows. Our Troubleshooting, Optimization & Design (TOD) software quickly and efficiently calculates a design will produce an effluent to meet your development's needs. Once we know a few basic parameters of what you are planning for your development, we can provide a budgetary figure to you on the cost matrix parameter you have chosen. In other words, you don't have to reinvent (or re-engineer) sewage treatment for a residential development each and every time. If you could provide us with some basic information about your planned or existing development, we can quickly get back to you with budget figures.