Design Software-Activated Sludge

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Design Software – Activated Sludge

New Sasspro®V2 software purchase options now available; we are the only company that offers leases of varying lengths to accommodate your individual needs.  Pricing is less than $1/day!!!!

New licenses (less than $1.00/day) now available for:

Treatment, Optimization & Design (Sasspro®V2) software for Activated Sludge WWTP’s .

90 day – $89.00                  180 day – $175.00          1 year – $300.00    Perpetual – $998.00

Go to: to order and get immediate download.

Public sector clients may receive 45-day payment terms.  Please call for specific order information.

Student version at discounted prices.  Please call for specific order information.

Students, professors  and public sector please call for complete order information.

For either of these licenses, please call to obtain ordering information individualized for you.

To purchase: Go to our online store.

Sasspro® V2 is the latest release of the popular Sasspro® series, used by leading engineering firms, municipal authorities, environmental agencies and training organizations. Sasspro® V2’s design, ease of use and low cost sets a new benchmark in wastewater process software.

Ordering Options

Use the following order form to order by credit card or company purchase order.

Software prices are in USD.  Orders include free maintenance and lifetime software upgrades and friendly software support. Ordering questions? Click here.

Below are some You Tube videos illustrating just how user friendly and easy the software is to use.  Input a few parameters, pick the type of plant you are planning to design and Sasspro®V2 will do the rest.  It will give you tank sizes, internal flows, wasting rates, size your clarifiers and much more.  When all done, it will let you know if your design meets all diagnostic tests.

Starting a design with Sasspro®V2

Converting a fully aerobic to BNR

Designing a Nitrification/Denitrification/Phosphorus removal plant

New Sasspro®V2 software purchase options now available:

90, 180 & 365 day Licenses

To purchase: Go to

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