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 WEDOTANKS® IS REGISTERED BY SAM, The System for Awards Management, and as such can bid on any federal contract within wedotanks®  Scope of Business Expertise.

Our precast design/installation high points:

-The product has longevity.  Our longest installation has been fully operational for just short of forty years!

-We warranty no leaks due to our patented system!

-You will never have severed tendons with our design!

wedotanks® can take a turn-key approach and make it as comprehensive as the client would like: We can operate as your total WWTP project management solution, or we can work with your wastewater treatment plant consultants and site engineers as an integral part of your technical and planning team. We have precast concrete tanks, water and wastewater treatment plants design and build installations in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin and our engineering specialty is civil/process engineering and permit applications.  The President of wedotanks is a licensed professional engineer who has registrations in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,  Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming with pending applications in several other states    He is internationally approved through and is a Model Law Engineer, both according to  NCEES.

Our Mission

wedotanks®‘s Mission is to provide precast concrete tanks, WWTP design/engineering services and solutions that insure that wedotanks®clients processes operate at their greatest efficiency and in the most cost-effective way possible.  Specifically wedotanks® offers engineering services for the design, construction, and operation of water treatment, wastewater treatment and purification plants and other public and private infrastructure facilities.  Our engineering services are unique in that we charge by the project and not by the hour so you can project costs for specific projects in a very precise manner if you utilize our services.

Our Good News!!!!

 Our professional engineer and company President as well as one of its owners, recently obtained his professional engineering license to practice in the states of Arkansas, Colorado and Illinois.  Congratulations to Roger!

Also, we are now offering engineering/design, assembly and site construction  of  steel plants (bolted and unbolted) to our array of offerings!

wedotanks®‘s recently received a US Patent #10,150,138 B1 (utility patent) for application of materials into the seams of our precast products. This results in leak-proof installations (except for the roof) and this leak-proof promise is warranted.


Free Perpetual Sasspro®  design compliance software with each proposal request for a new or expanded WWTP from August 1  through December 31, 2021.




Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

WEDOTANKS.COM, LLC, now is furnishing, besides its own steel wastewater treatment plants , a proprietary MBR Plant design and installation and the design and installation of its very own SBR Plant, called SeqPro™ Click on any item on side bar and go directly to that page