Offers and Special Notices

This offer is ONLY for allowable public-sector entities within the United States or a U.S. territory using a United States bank (such as Guam, Puerto Rico and/or  the U.S. Virgin Islands).  You may be extended credit with a valid purchase order; the purchase order MUST come from the public-sector entity itself and not from an agent of the entity, even if that person is an authorized agent of this entity.   Allowable public sector entities are defined as the federal government or any branch thereof, any state government, counties, townships, cities, villages or towns.  Credit will be extended to you for thirty days from the date of order.  However, if payment in full has not been received  within 30 days from the date of invoice, either by wire transfer, ACH  payment or bank check that clears our bank, the software will become unusable.  Once we receive the cleared funds we will send you a permanent unlock code for the software within 24-48 hours.  Checks should be mailed to Bank of America; 18670 South Nogales Highway, Green Valley, AZ  85614.  Please call 866-374-2083 for specific payment information as we do not put the account number or routing number for this specific account on our websites.  For checks, our company name and the account number must be on a separate sheet of paper and enclosed with the check or the check might not be deposited correctly.  The official name of the company receiving these checks is, LLC.  The w on, LLC, is not capitalized.  This is not a lockbox but a special service this particular branch of Bank of America is providing to wedotanks® and our public-sector customers only so please follow these parameters exactly.  We will not give you the banking information until we receive a fully-authorized purchase order from your entity.