Our Valued Business Relationships

Wedotanks.com, LLC, is proud to have strategic relationships with the most quality of companies.  We value these relationships and are pleased to introduce them to you.

ADL Systems, Inc. is a precast manufacturer who has a quality and pride-of-product that is of the highest quality.  The principals of wedotanks® have worked exclusively with this third-generation company since the early 1980’s.  ADL’s record is impeccable and furnishes our precast and prestressed panels for various storage systems, wastewater treatment plants, and fracking tanks.  Please visit them at


Newterra and wedotanks® share a unique approach to providing modular treatment and therefore combined can offer a complete turnkey solution when looking for advanced treatment utilizing MBR technology.  Their specialized website is


If you want to check out all the services Newterra has to offer here is its main website page:


Another component of wedotanks®’  services is made possible by the premier steel package wastewater treatment system supplier in the country.  Its website is shown below: