Contractor Forms for Construction Projects

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As a subcontractor, so you every wonder, “How can I become a general contractor?” (This press release does not talk about the ability to get performance bonds but other factors). As a general contractor, but one that is definitely small, do you ever wonder, “How can I grow to be a national force?” Well of course there are many answers to this question but not an insignificant reason for stunted growth or the ability to proceed from a subcontractor to a general contractor can have, at its core, the ability to understand the specific use of binding commitments.

An omission in your scope can result in you having to do work “for nothing.”

It can result in liquidated damages if you do not specify Acts of God correctly.

It can cause delays in you getting paid on time, or before you have to pay your suppliers, so important to cash flow. It can make you miss a filing date for a lien or a payment bond claim, insuring that you will need to follow the more complicated and expensive legal process.

Sometimes what seems to be a “silly” technicality can also disallow you to follow the bond or lien claim process: for instance in some states (Michigan and North Carolina are two examples) if you do not notify the Owner as a subcontractor or supplier that you are working for the general contractor on a specific project your right to file a payment bond claim is voidable (in other words the bonding company can ignore it). You may wish to be a nice guy and not insult the General Contractor by this type of notification but in the end you may take a hit for your politeness.

While “cost containment” sounds like common sense, it can get away from any contractor. Do you trust an employee with control of a purchase order and discover too late that s/he kept ordering a good or service long after the amount of the purchase order was exceeded? Does your field superintendent have rental equipment that was left on the site long after s/he quit using it? The list can go on and on. These examples sound silly but such instances happen more frequently than common sense would indicate.

It is amazing, but there really are less than thirty construction forms that are needed to prevent most of these process pitfalls to growth.® is soon introducing a set for purchase and considering this might save you thousands of dollars that one error can cost and help at least in one important area of company growth.

By purchasing these forms you agree that you understand this is not legal advice and that parameters vary from state to state., LLC, bears no responsibility for the final use of these forms; please obtain legal counsel for the appropriateness of these forms.  Also, sometimes waivers and sworn statements, among other forms, vary in content from project to project.

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