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First, tell wedotanks® some basic information:

Design Flow
gal/day for:







Build your own wastewater treatment plant and will run simulations on our unique simulation software Sasspro®V2 to come up with the most cost efficient design for you and then provide design and drawings in ACAD format for layout tankage. You can build your own cast-in-place tanks or we will quote precast tanks, installed or you can hire one of our certified installers. If you build your own cast-in-place, we will provide design for cast-in-place along with drawings. All structural & mechanical drawings will be stamped by a professional engineer licensed in your respective state or allowed to practice engineering in your country.

A summary of wedotanks®‘ services in this area are design/engineering services for the construction of water treatment, wastewater treatment and purification plants and other municipal and private infrastructure facilities.  All of our engineering projects are covered by professional liability insurance.

Some short video’s on just a couple different systems we do:

 SBR (Squencing Batch Reactor)-All precast erected 3 days        Extended Aeration Plant-All precast erected in 10 days

New licenses (less than $1.00/day) now available for:

Treatment, Optimization & Design (Sasspro®V2) software for Activated Sludge WWTP’s .

90 day – $89.00                  180 day – $175.00          1 year – $300.00    Perpetual – $998.00

Go to: to order and get immediate download.

Plain FinishDecorative FinishOur engineering and  design allows for tanks to be installed at grade level, completely buried underground or free standing completely on top of the ground. Our precast concrete panels are available in either plain concrete finish (left) or decorative exterior (right)
We engineer/design our tanks with common wall construction, reducing site requirements by creating a smaller footprint, thus allowing more land for development..

Diffuser Piping SSwedotanks® will provide you with all internal equipment:

Air Lift Pumps & Diffusers 1-Piping and installation material; for an SBR, extended-aeration Plant or BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal plant (your choice);


ManualMechanicalInfluent screen boxes, manual or mechanical. Our influent screen boxes are designed to add a mechanical screen at a later date.



EQ pumps on SS slide rails and located in a sump-Equalization Tank Equipment: Pumps, flow boxes, aeration equipment.

Flow boxes with adjustable weirs to accurately adjust flow to feed plant evenly over 24 hr period
Diffusers available in coarse or fine bubble


Digestor/sludge storage: Mechanical or Airlift decanters, aeration equipment;

Air Lift Decant with aerationMechanical Decanter

-Aeration Tank – Fine or course bubble diffusers, SS or PVC pipes, blowers.

Fine or coarse bubble diffusers, SS or PVC pipes, blowers

Clarifiers: Mechanical or side slope, with mechanical or air-lift pumps, mechanical or air-lift scum skimmers.

Slide slope clarifier with scum skimmersMechanical clarifier

Air lift pumps with ss pipingEffluent: Discharge by gravity or with integral pump station.

-Control Panel: wedotanks® will furnish a basic panel or customize with options chosen by you.

You →wedotanks®→You

4. Installation: wedotanks® will provide detailed installation instructions and include all pipe, pipe hangers, anchors and erecting; or wedotanks® will install for a set installation feel. We can provide flow boxes, weirs, decanters, scum skimmers and other equipment and you can have you own mechanical contractor or staff install the equipment.

5. Start-Up: Once everything is completed wedoanks™ will provide trained personnel to assist your people during start-up. We will conduct an on-site training session and provide a complete Operations and Maintenance Manual with sample calculations. After that, the Plant will pretty much run itself; of course, if questions come up wedotanks® staff is always available to answer reasonable operational questions.

Fee Schedule:

Down payment 5% of total cost

  1. Engineering/Design: 5% of cost
  2. Layout and Tank Design – 10% of cost
  3. Internal Equipment, 70% of fee package
  4. Installation – 10% of cost
  5. Prior to Start-Up- 5% of fee (or balance)

Drawings stamped in your state and Guam, Puerto Rico, or outside the Virgin Islands.

wedotanks® does not accept checks.  It only accepts ACH or other electronic payments.

International projects may also be able to be permitted & stamped but this is not guaranteed. Permitting in foreign countries will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Private Equity Financing


Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

WEDOTANKS.COM, LLC, NOW OFFERS 100% FINANCING FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS IN THE US AND CANADA.  Approval is based on your credit worthiness, our business partner provides the approval and funds quickly if qualified. Contact us; we would love to hear from you.  We are SAM registered; NCEES registered, and carry professional liability insurance to make you safe no matter which wedotanks® product or service you are interested in).

Unconditional Guarantee: We guarantee that the plant we design for you will meet the regulatory effluent requirements designed for. If you build it yourself according to our design and use our equipment package, once we certify installation is according to design and equipment installed correctly, we will guarantee effluent standards.

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