Wastewater Treatment Plant Commissioning

Commissioning is an important phase when constructing a new water treatment plant, as it eliminates any issues or problems. At WeDoTanks, we have expertise in performing and preparing excellent wastewater treatment plant commissioning report. Our commissioning process includes integrating applications and tools with a set of engineering techniques and procedures and inspecting and examining every component of the water treatment plant.

We evaluate all significant components like equipment, instruments, modules, subsystems, and systems and handle everything like end phases of the construction and assembly to the final delivery of the water treatment unit.

Essential steps in our wastewater treatment plant commissioning plans include setting out strategy, estimating concepts, system boundary definitions, and temporary facilities.

We identify the possible risks and problem-prone areas that may lead to cause severe problems or delays. In case of a delay in commissioning, we explain in an updated plan or an associated report not just the reasons for variations. But, we also describe how the team of experts intends to recover from delays.

Based on our commission report, we may suggest for:

  • Change of valve location, valve type, and valve details
  • Changes in piping which could mean that the sequence of pipe branches tapped from the main header has been altered during construction or commissioning
  • Deleting lines based, understanding that these are unnecessary and could be problematic
  • Provision of additional permanent drain and vent connections
  • Provision of extra tapping on piping
  • Considering future requirements or other reasons

The report of our wastewater treatment plant commissioning also details about progress of the project, the completion progress status, and complete sections of the project. Finally, our aim is to make sure the plant is ready for handing over to operation team.