Conflict Resolution Expert Witness

Contractor conflict resolution services are extensive but not limited to:

  • Succession Planning
  • Contract Negotiations
  • M&A Structuring and Financial Normalization.
  • Expert Witness Construction Claims
  • Construction Expert Witness
  • Construction Claims Consultant
  • Expert Witness Consulting
  • Construction Claim Experts
  • Construction Consulting Services
  • Construction Delay Claims

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B&H Global Services is an integral part of the wedotanks® corporate structure.

Its principals have sixty-four plus combined years of contractor and transactional experience which have given us expertise and success in many areas of the construction and contractor conflict resolution services.

Stuck in a potentially adversarial and expensive contract dispute with an owner, construction engineer, general contractor or subcontractor? While we seek amicable conflict resolution solutions outside the legal arena for you, we help you carry a big stick.

Our construction conflict resolution and contractor conflict resolution services can help with payment and performance bond and lien interpretation (including the Miller Statute and the Little Miller statutes by state) prior to you beginning a project so if you have to file a bond claim or a lien levy you will not miss legal requirements or deadlines, particularly if you are going into a new state to work.

We can look over your construction contracts prior to signing so there is a hierarchy of guidelines in case specifications, plans and contract language conflict and you get caught in one of those, “…but the specs say…” or “….the plans show…..”

Our construction conflict resolution consultants can help protect you against unauthorized work by following a complete and successful change order process if necessary.

We furnish a complete template of “forms” to guide you through the contracting process, from scope letters to final payment and completion.

We do not want to replace attorneys or accountants but furnish an alternative in the early planning process that is more business oriented and discussion based so by the time you involve your lawyer and accountant in necessary processes the costs for their use is less.

B&H conflict resolution advisors will not charge for the initial consultation but will not furnish advice at this session. It will travel and cover its own expenses for that initial interview in many cases as long as the location is within the continental United States, Canada, or Mexico.

We are not lawyers and/or accountants. We are seasoned business owners. Our construction conflict resolutions can help you organize your structure so your business can be self-sustaining and confident as you go out into the field and obtain and fulfill construction contracts that support your base business.

Contractor Conflict Resolution Expert Witness
Construction Conflict Resolution Expert Witness Services

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