Prefabricated Steel Package Plants now available in mild steel or Stainless Steel with:

  1. Flow equalization;
  2. Some Available processes:

processes available                                johannesburg

Other processes available are MBR, MBBR, IFAS all with side slope or circular mechanical clarifiers.

New licenses now available for:

Treatment, Optimization & Design (Sasspro®V2) software for Activated Sludge WWTP’s .

90 day – $89.00                  180 day – $175.00 1 year – $300.00    Perpetual – $998.00

Go to: to order and get immediate download.

All Steel Package Plants available with our unique and efficient Tertiary Filters  or RAPID SAND TERTIARY FILTER SYSTEM.  Plus you can have your choice of disinfection systems: chlorine tablets, U-V or liquid Sodium hyprochlorite systems.

Private Equity Financing


Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

WEDOTANKS.COM, LLC, NOW OFFERS 100% FINANCING FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS IN THE US AND CANADA.  Approval is based on your credit worthiness, our business partner provides the approval and funds quickly if qualified. Contact us; we would love to hear from you.  We are SAM registered; NCEES registered, and carry professional liability insurance to make you safe no matter which wedotanks® product or service you are interested in).

Each plant includes a FREE copy of our exclusive  Sasspro®vV2 software for Treatment, Optimization and Design of Activated Sludge waste water treatment plants.

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Flow Equalization Tanks

Treatment, Optimization and Design software for Activated Sludge

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