Fire Protection Tanks, LLC (f/k/a HTI Systems, LLC)  has helped to define the market for precast concrete fire protection tanks, commerical fire protection tanks, industrial fire protection tanks, municipal fire protection tanks, agricultural fire protection tanks for farms and underground water supply reservoirs for city, county, and government facilities. Over 30 years of experience have gone into our fire protection tanks design services, and it shows in the quality of the precast concrete fire protection tanks and in our roster of clients. Every new housing development, sub-division, or large commercial or industrial facility represents another potential customer for®’s fire protection tanks.® fire protection tanks are trusted by business owners, municipalities, city, and county entities and their insurers, who count on the availability of an emergency water supply in the event of fire. Having a backup water supply tank or underground water cistern means having an available source of water on an every day, round-the-clock basis. With®, you have a company that can custom design fire protection tanks and water reservoirs according to size and flow specifications that will perfectly match your needs.®  is able to design, manufacture and install fire protection tanks up to 3,000,000 gallons in size. We do fire protection tanks – and we do them right the first time.

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Fire Protection Tanks®’s precast concrete fire protection tanks are known for their dependability and long life. The fire protection tanks design includes strategically-placed seams which are filled with an industry-approved sealant provided by a member of the Chevron Family of Companies. This sealant and our commercial fire protection tanks are made of precast concrete for dependability and are 100% environmentally friendly, and government regulatory agencies have also deemed our fire protection tanks appropriate to use as potable water tanks (drinking) water storage, as well as for underground fire protection tanks.

We can build and design a tank of virtually any size to fit your site or needs.

Feel free to view the rest of our site for reviews of our projects and become more familiar with our design and engineering capabilities. Feel Free To Contact Us. Let® help you get your commercial backup water supply project and underground fire protection tanks for government facilities up and running smoothly.

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