Wastewater Evaporation Technology

Ideal for Septage or High Strength Industrial Wastes

This unique system has a multitude of uses for the volume reduction of almost any type of product. The system can be portable (mounted on a semi-trailer), skid mounted for a semi-permanent installation or engineered to fit your site for a permanent installation.

This system is completely environmentally safe as the discharge is simply a waste steam to the atmosphere. It is a totally enclosed, close-loop system which is completely odor free and requires a relatively small footprint. It can be efficiently used to reduce waste discharge from industrial pretreatment plants, ethelyene glycol run-off from airport deicing operations, septage receiving stations or basically any type of waste stream that requires volume reduction by up to 98% to a concentrated solid material and distilled water.

The closed-loop system is simply an evaporator technology that has been around for a long time that has been perfected and engineered to reduce the volume of almost any type of liquid by placing the material in a controlled vacuum, which lowers the boiling point, thus resulting in separation of the liquid and solid factions by evaporating the liquid. The resultant is a concentrated solid and distilled water.

If you would like more information on how the system operates, please check out the manufacturers website, C. E. Rogers, Inc. For pricing on a system for your specific needs, please fill out our contact form and submit to us if you are located in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan or Ohio.