WWTP Project Management – WWTP Engineering Consultants

As the name might suggest, www.wedotanks.com® designs and builds tanks, and precast concrete tanks for packaged WWTP (wastewater treatment plants). From the design and manufacture of precast concrete tanks, through the WWTP installation process, www.wedotanks.com®  is a complete service company, providing turn-key WWTP packages, septage treatment facilities, and precast concrete WWTP components.

Over 20 years of experience in the field of WWTP design have given www.wedotanks.com®  the know-how to design the best packaged WWTP solutions to fit individual needs. Whether you are a municipality or a private company, www.wedotanks.com®  can work directly with you to design and implement a WWTP or industrial WWTP package. www.wedotanks.com®  staff can also provide permitting services, working directly with your local city, township, or county to smooth the construction process — getting your WWTP underway and helping to keep it on schedule.

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Typically, www.wedotanks.com®  works with precast concrete to construct processing tanks and holding tanks for the various components of a WWTP:

  • Aeration Tanks for WWTP
  • Biosolids Storage Tanks for WWTP
  • CSO Tanks (Combined Sewage Overflow) for WWTP
  • Equalization Tanks (EQ Tanks) for WWTP
  • Industrial Holding Tanks for the WWTP
  • Membrane Bioreactor Tanks (MBR Tanks) for WWTP
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor Tanks for WWTP’s

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In addition to these precast concrete tanks, www.wedotanks.com® also designs, WWTP project management with design, construction and installation of WWTP components, as well as entire turn-key WWTP systems, including:

  • Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) WWTP
  • Biosolids Storage Tank with Mixers
  • Extended Aeration WWTP
  • Flow Through WWTP
  • Lime Stabilization System for Raw Biosolids in WWTP
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) WWTP
  • Wastewater Evaporation System for Septage or Industrial WWTP

The www.wedotanks.com®  staff have designed, constructed, and implemented packaged WWTP systems and biosolids treatment plants in several U.S. states, including Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina,, and Wisconsin. We are able to service your needs for a WWTP project management anywhere in the continental United States and parts of Canada.

If you are interested in our package WWTP design services, wastewater treatment plant project management services or you require construction or installation of a wastewater treatment plant or WWTP component, go to our Design A Quote page and submit your information. One of our professional WWTP project management consultants will be happy to get back with you.